A podcast about the stories our cities tell and the stories we tell about our cities.


WHAT WE're about

We sit down with people across the vocational spectrum—ministry and nonprofit workers, thought leaders, small business owners, artists, neighbors—and discuss the ways they are learning to love the place they live and the people who reside within it. Originating in Cleveland, OH and brought to you by Building Hope in the City, we exist to foster new narratives about the places we live. Narratives full of trust, life and hope. 

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about the host

Anthony Giambroni is passionate about highlighting the stories of renewal happening right beneath our noses. A newer resident of Cleveland, he has come to see just how many people are loving their communities and people in creative and dignifying ways. You could say he created Storied Cities just so that he could hang out and chat with these amazing people. 

Anthony works with Building Hope as a Communications & Community Development Coordinator and he is also a grad student at Fuller Seminary where he studies asset-based community development, organizational leadership and theology. 


resources for you

We all have a desire to see change and transformation in our communities, but sometimes we just need a place to start. Learning from and listening to others is always a good place to start. 

Find books, blogs, organizations or podcasts that I or my guests mention in interviews as well as some of my personal favorites in the resources section. Also, if there's a resource you love that's connected to our work at Storied Cities, drop us a line. We'd love to know about it!

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